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Truesdell Animal Care Hospital is proud to be a involved in such an energetic, fun loving community in the Madison, WI area. In addition to providing quality veterinary care, we also have a passion for serving our community. We support programs such as the K9 Unit of the Madison Police Department. If you also have ideas on how to be involved, we encourage you to reach out to us!

K9 Falco & K9 Roko of the Madison Police Department

The four-legged heroes of the Madison Police Department K9 Unit do so much for our community - locate missing persons, catch suspects, find drugs, search areas - you name it!

These dogs are truly special, and it can be quite costly to provide all they need to be prepared for duty. Capital K9 is a special non-profit organization that honors the Madison Police Department K9 Unit by raising funds for their veterinary care, training, equipment and more. Capital K9 also has a mission to spread awareness in the community about the benefits of working dogs in the police force and the sacrifices the K9 Unit makes on a daily basis, on duty and off duty.

Much like their two-legged handlers and police officers, the K9 Unit helps to keep us safe every day. Currently, there are seven dogs working with the Madison Police Department, and we have the pleasure of having two as our furry patients!

We are proud veterinary sponsors of K9 Falco and K9 Roko! Our doctors work hard to keep these strong, intelligent and honorable dogs happy and healthy with 100% of their veterinary needs covered by Truesdell Animal Care Hospital & Clinic. Just like your furry friends, Falco and Roko visit us for routine wellness exams, vaccines, preventives and more! K9 Falco and K9 Roko both live with and are handled by a great Officer, Rose Mansavage.

Caring for K9 Falco and K9 Roko is truly a treat! They are equally as loving and sweet as they are powerful and trained.

If you would like to be involved in some way, we encourage you to visit their website! There are so many wonderful opportunities to donate, volunteer, become a sponsor and participate in fundraisers.

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